Thursday, September 16, 2010

...just an observation :)

Hi friends,

Long time, no sorry! I just began a new job with Student Services in Houston County, GA and they are keeping me hopping! I am doing all of the evaluations and eligibility reports for children (ages 3 and 4) with suspected developmental delays. We receive referrals from parents, pediatricians, schools, day care centers, and Head Starts. Part of my job entails going into various places and 'progress monitoring' children for 8 to 12 weeks. At the end of this time period, we have a pretty good idea whether or not the child needs additional support/services. It's been fun interacting with the children and meeting the teachers throughout our community. I have been surprised at how many people are unaware of Early Intervention the state of Georgia, it is called Babies Can't Wait. Babies Can't Wait can actually start immediately after birth and continue until the child's 3rd birthday (if the child is diagnosed with a developmental delays); we look at five areas of development - cognitive, motor (fine/gross), personal/social, adaptive (self-help), and communication (articulation and receptive/expressive language) SPREAD THE WORD about early intervention for children falling behind developmentally....there are so many available programs - United Cerebral Palsy, Easter Seals, Early Intervention, etc...
Together we can get the word out about intervention services and make a difference in the lives of children and families!
God bless,