Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meeting the needs of Special Needs Kids :)

Hi there - I am a veteran (25+ years) teacher of special needs kids and created this blog in the hopes of helping parents and educators. I look forward to conversing with you and hopefully offering some valuable advice. First and foremost, if you are a parent of a special needs child/children, I know what a full-time 'job' it is so my first piece of advice/wisdom would be: (1) take a much-needed break for cannot do this alone, just as any parent cannot raise a child alone...rely on friends, family members, church members, other parents of special needs children, etc. Take a break for yourself - go out and walk, go to the grocery store alone, will find that you are a much better parent and person if you take 15 - 30 minutes a day just for yourself.

....and are so special!

More later! Lots of love and best wishes,


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  1. Hi there rteach!!! I figured I'd follow your blog! You always have so much wisdom and I pay attention!!! Hope you are having a great summer! We are doing great, if our house would quit breaking!! hahah...The joys of deployments! Talk to you soon and I'll be following along...Post more soon! Dara